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Using the PRX T-33 Peel for skin rejuvenation and to reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Dr. Tatiana Khrom is a board-certified dermatologist in Brooklyn, New York, the owner and primary doctor at Khrom Dermatology and Aesthetics. Dr. Khrom and her highly trained team provide a wide range of cosmetic treatments to help patients reverse the signs of aging and improve their skin’s health and appearance. If you are considering ways to provide deep hydration, skin regeneration, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, you might want to ask us about a treatment known as the PRX T-33 Peel or PRX Derm Perfexion.

PRX T-33 Peel for skin rejuvenation

What is the PRX T-33 Peel?

The PRX T-33 Peel is best known as the peel that doesn’t peel! It is a specialized topical liquid formulated in Italy, administered by a skin care professional at our office and followed by a specialized home skin care protocol. It is designed to immediately improve the appearance of the skin and provide the deep hydration and skin renewal needed for a healthy glow. It is formulated with 33% TCA, kojic acid, and hydrogen peroxide for a noticeable skin transformation!

PRX T-33 Peel for skin rejuvenation and to reduce fine lines and wrinkles

What are the benefits of the PRX T-33 Peel?

With the assistance of our team at Khrom Dermatology and Aesthetics, you can enjoy the many advantages of this skin care treatment. The PRX T-33 Peel:

  • Offers immediate firming and tightening of the skin
  • Is completed in less than 15 minutes at our office
  • Can be used in the summertime, as there is no photosensitivity
  • Does not impact your social life, as there is no downtime needed
  • Is a painless procedure with no peels or needles
  • Is safe for all skin types
  • Provides next-generation skin revitalization with immediate improvements
  • Is a non-invasive way to enhance your natural skin and healthy glow
How Does the PRX-T33 Biorevitalization Peel Work?

How many treatments will I need?

PRX T-33 Peel is designed to work as a series of 4-5 sessions weekly sessions for best results. The results are both instant every time and long lasting as you complete the treatment plan. Your provider may also opt to combine it with other treatments to target your concerns.

Rejuvenate your skin’s appearance today!

If you are looking for immediate skin regeneration that reduces the appearance of unwanted fine lines and wrinkles while deeply hydrating your skin for a healthy glow, now is a great time to connect with our team at Khrom Dermatology and Aesthetics to discuss your needs. Our office is located at 2797 Ocean Parkway, 2nd Floor, in Brooklyn, NY, and is dedicated to helping patients in and around the community with their skin, hair, nails, and body! Call 718-615-4002 to request an appointment at our facility and speak with our dermatologist providers about your options for skin enhancement!


PRX T-33 Peel for skin rejuvenation Actual Patient Results - 01
PRX T-33 Peel for skin rejuvenation Actual Patient Results - 02
PRX T-33 Peel for skin rejuvenation Actual Patient Results - 03
PRX T-33 Peel for skin rejuvenation Actual Patient Results - 04

* Individual results may vary

Dr. Tatiana Khrom

Dr. Tatiana Khrom

Nana Kanzaveli – RPA-C

Nana Kanzaveli – RPA-C

At Khrom Dermatology & Aesthetics, our esteemed board-certified dermatologists, Dr. Tatiana Khrom alongside the skilled Nana Kanzaveli, RPA-C, unite to deliver unparalleled medical and cosmetic dermatology services. With a wealth of experience, extensive training, and impeccable qualifications, our team of professionals is renowned for an unwavering commitment to excellence in dermatologic care. Dr. Khrom, along with Nana Kanzaveli, RPA-C, pioneer cutting-edge modern dermatology in the vibrant community of Brooklyn, NY, seamlessly combining their advanced expertise with personalized attention to guide all of our patients toward the realization of their unique skincare goals.

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