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Laser and light-based therapies in Brooklyn, NY:
Effective removal of stubborn melasma, hyperpigmentation

Laser and light-based therapies in Brooklyn, NY: Effective removal of stubborn melasma, hyperpigmentation

Melasma differs from other types of hyperpigmentation. It often appears as grayish-brown patches on the forehead, sides of the face, nasal bridge, and above the lips. Additionally, it is so associated with hormonal changes that melasma during pregnancy has its own name: chloasma. While melasma is distinguished from brown “age spots” caused by cumulative exposure to harmful Ultraviolet light, there are notable commonalities. Areas that are darker than the surrounding skin represent clusters of pigment or melanin. Fortunately, concentrated pigment is very responsive to light energy. So, laser removal may be an appropriate melasma treatment at Khrom Dermatology and Aesthetics in Brooklyn, NY

The evaluation

First, we examine your skin to determine the type of pigmentation that is present. This is important, because some light-based therapies, such as Intense Pulsed Light, are effective at treating pigmented lesions or brown spots. However, IPL is not suitable for melasma treatment. For melasma, we recommend the following laser therapies:

SPECTRA™ laser by Lutronic®

SPECTRA laser by Lutronic

This powerful laser therapy delivers ultra-short pulses of light energy to target pigmentation deep within the skin. The SPECTRA’s design facilitates efficient and effective treatment while minimizing damage to the surrounding tissue. So, it is safe and well-suited to treat a range of skin types. This is important because women of color are at increased risk of developing melasma. In addition to treating notoriously stubborn melasma, SPECTRA™ is indicated for the treatment of acne scars, vascular lesions (redness), and other conditions that may require skin resurfacing.

LaseMD by Lutronic®

LaseMD by Lutronic

This non-ablative, non-wounding laser (like Fraxel) kickstarts the body’s healing process by stimulating the production of fresh collagen and elastin. Additionally, it bypasses the superficial layers of skin to deeply treat melasma that does not respond to other lasers or light-based therapies. These features make LaseMD particularly effective at targeting melanin pigment precisely, without harming the surrounding skin. This also means little to no downtime, and generally minor and temporary side effects (like a sunburn). Treatment is highly personalized with the application of specialized, proprietary serums to address specific concerns, such as wrinkles or redness.

before and after actual patient of Melesma

* Individual results may vary

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LaseMD is also an appropriate treatment for other types of pigmented lesions. IPL also targets, disperses, and clears melanin in brown spots (other than melasma). First, IPL treats discoloration for a balanced, even complexion. Then, the laser is passed over the skin to gently renew tissues by triggering the production of new collagen and elastin. So, it is also well-suited to diminish fine lines, folds, and scars.

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* Individual results may vary

Dr. Tatiana Khrom

Dr. Tatiana Khrom

Nana Kanzaveli – RPA-C

Nana Kanzaveli – RPA-C

At Khrom Dermatology & Aesthetics, our esteemed board-certified dermatologists, Dr. Tatiana Khrom alongside the skilled Nana Kanzaveli, RPA-C, unite to deliver unparalleled medical and cosmetic dermatology services. With a wealth of experience, extensive training, and impeccable qualifications, our team of professionals is renowned for an unwavering commitment to excellence in dermatologic care. Dr. Khrom, along with Nana Kanzaveli, RPA-C, pioneer cutting-edge modern dermatology in the vibrant community of Brooklyn, NY, seamlessly combining their advanced expertise with personalized attention to guide all of our patients toward the realization of their unique skincare goals.

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