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eCO2 fractional laser resurfacing treatment for radiant, ageless skin

Rapid advances in dermatological technologies have transformed the way we can deliver cosmetic and medical skin care. At Khrom Dermatology & Aesthetics in Brooklyn, New York, we are devoted to providing our patients with the latest dermatological treatment options to help them safely and effectively achieve the beautiful skin they deserve. One of the versatile treatments we offer is eCO2 laser resurfacing, which can be used to erase various skin imperfections, such as shallow and deep wrinkles, scars, and more.

eCO2 fractional laser resurfacing treatment by Khrom

What is eCO2 laser resurfacing?

There are many different types of lasers available to treat a wide array of dermatological and cosmetic issues. eCO2 lasers are considered “ablative” lasers used to resurface the skin and restore radiant, youthful-looking skin.

The eCO2 laser device uses a fine beam of concentrated light energy into the skin during the treatment. It removes the outermost layer of skin (epidermis) that contains aging, dead, hyperpigmented, or otherwise damaged cells – revealing the healthier, more vibrant skin beneath. The eCO2 laser also heats the underlying layer of skin (the dermis) to tighten existing fibers and boost collagen and elastin production, which form a network of fibers that provide youthful support and elasticity for your skin. As the skin heals from the treatment, the cellular regeneration and new collagen and elastin stimulated by the resurfacing procedure lead to tighter, more elastic skin that is also smoother in tone and texture.

Our eCO2 laser can also operate in a “fractional mode.” While fractional skin resurfacing works in much the same way as a traditional CO2 laser, instead of affecting the entirety of the treatment area, microscopic columns of skin are left untreated, which helps expedite healing and recovery and minimizes potential side effects.

Issues an eCO2 laser can treat

Patients with a wide variety of skin issues can benefit from treatment with an eCO2 laser. In particular, patients can achieve great success using an eCO2 laser for:

  • Skin Resurfacing & Rejuvenation
  • Wrinkles, Rhytids & Fine Lines
  • Skin Laxity / Loose Skin
  • Pigmented Lesions & Lentigines
  • Scars (e.g., acne scar, surgical scar, burn scar)
  • Textural Irregularities
  • Trans epidermal Drug Delivery
  • Dyschromia
  • Solar/Actinic Elastosis
  • Syringoma
  • Vaporization, Incision & Excision Capabilities
  • And more ...

In addition to treating many different skin issues, the eCO2 laser can be used on many parts of the body, such as the face, décolletage, chest, hands, or other areas that show skin damage or other signs of aging.

Who is a good candidate?

Whether you want to get rid of under-eye wrinkles or are seeking an overall facial rejuvenation, treatment with an eCO2 laser may be a great choice to help you achieve your cosmetic goals. However, there may be better options for some patients with active acne or very dark skin. Our team of skin care professionals will consult with you about your cosmetic goals and medical history. They will also perform an in-depth evaluation of your skin to help determine whether treatment with an eCO2 laser or another option is best for your specific needs and desired results.

Are you a candidate for CO2 Laser Treatment?

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The eCO2 treatment procedure

Our bespoke protocol is completely customized to your skin and your desired results. Before your treatment, we may advise you to begin taking an antibiotic or antiviral medication for a certain amount of time to help prevent post-treatment complications.

When you come in for the procedure, we begin by numbing the treatment area for your comfort. We may incorporate Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), a substance derived from your blood that stimulates healing, recovery, and a proliferation of growth factors. When used with eCO2 laser treatment, it can shorten recovery time and minimize side effects from ablative treatment.

Protective eyewear is provided to shield your eyes from the laser light. The laser device is customized to specific settings appropriate for the thickness of your skin and the area being treated. We pass or move the device over those areas. Many patients report a stinging or warm sensation, but that is tolerable. After your treatment is complete, PRP is applied over the treated area to aid in healing and recovery.

Light-Emitting Diode (LED) therapy is a new, proven method to accelerate the healing process after the ablative procedure. Various wavelengths of light are used to reduce inflammation and promote anti-aging effects. LED therapy is safe for all skin types. Following treatment with the eCO2 laser, we use LED to decrease downtime, reduce pain and discomfort, and minimize scabs and swelling. Treatment only takes about 30 minutes. After we are done, we will provide you with thorough aftercare instructions. So, you can have an optimal healing and recovery experience.

After your treatment is complete

In the first couple of days after your treatment, your skin may feel sunburnt with some swelling and red discoloration. You will need to apply an ointment to the skin and change it each day to lock in moisture and promote healing. After a few days, you will likely experience peeling in the treatment area, revealing fresher and more youthful-looking skin beneath. Patients may experience burning, itching, swelling, or more severe side effects, which we will discuss before treatment, along with your aftercare designed to minimize these risks.

While some of the treatment effects become noticeable shortly after treatment as skin peels away, the tightening and firming effects often take weeks to months to be visible. It takes time for your skin’s collagen and elastin production to ramp up and become noticeable. Patients can expect to maintain their excellent results, at which point touch-up treatments may be performed.

Many patients achieve their desired results with just one treatment. Patients with more severe issues such as deep acne scars may achieve optimal results with multiple treatment sessions.

Reveal your best skin

If you are ready to say goodbye to sagging, wrinkled, or uneven skin, call our team at Khrom Dermatology & Aesthetics today to schedule your personalized consultation! In addition to determining if you are a good candidate for eCO2 laser resurfacing, we will provide you with a cost estimate. We will also go over what to expect from the treatment in detail to help you decide whether it is right for you. If laser skin resurfacing is not the best choice for your needs and preferences, we offer a comprehensive array of anti-aging treatments. We can help you determine the best way to achieve your cosmetic goals. You can reach our Brooklyn, NY office at 855-507-7282.


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