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Cancer surgery Brooklyn, NY

Many skin conditions are unsightly, uncomfortable, or even painful. However, none are as serious as skin cancer, which can pose a threat to your life. At Khrom Dermatology in Brooklyn, NY we understand the fear, the stress, and vital need for quality care.

You can feel confident knowing that you are in kind and competent hands with Dr. Tatiana Khrom. She is a talented dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon, and she is trained in the Mohs surgery technique. She is also loved by our patients for her compassionate and understanding style of care.

Understanding skin cancer

Skin cancer begins with damaged DNA in skin cells, usually as a result of UV exposure via sunlight or tanning beds. This damage triggers mutations, leading to uncontrolled rapid formation of abnormal cells in the skin – a condition known as a malignant tumor.

The effectiveness of skin cancer removal surgery depends on several factors.

  • Type – Some forms of skin cancer are more aggressive, and more likely to spread beyond the initial tumor (metastasize).
  • Stage– Most cancers can be treated successfully in the very early stages. The more time a tumor has to grow and spread, the more challenging treatment becomes. Early diagnosis is one of the most crucial factors in a successful surgical outcome.
  • Surgical technique – There are several methods of removing skin cancers, with varying success rates. Mohs micrographic surgery is considered the most effective, with the highest cure rate.

Treatment options

The most common techniques used to treat skin cancer include:

  • Excision – essentially cutting out the tumor
  • Curettage and electrodesiccation – the tumor is scraped from skin surface, and an electric needle is used to destroy remaining cancerous cells
  • Mohs – the tumor is removed layer by layer, guided by laboratory tissue analysis

While the first two methods are widely available, there is a very limited number of dermatologists trained and skilled in the highly complex Mohs technique, which has the best cure rate and aesthetic outcomes. Patients in and near Brooklyn, NY are fortunate to have access to this advanced skin cancer treatment right here at Khrom Dermatology. Dr. Khrom is a fellowship-trained dermatologist, with years of experience successfully performing Mohs surgery.

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