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Y LIFT® Procedure and How Long Does It Last for Clients

The Y LIFT® is also called a liquid facelift or lunchtime facelift. This minimally invasive procedure contours your face without major surgery. If you need volume and lift in the cheekbone area or under your eyes, a Y LIFT® might be right for you. This cosmetic procedure defines the jawline and chin and adds contours to your upper neck. Schedule a consultation at Khrom Dermatology today to discover fast, painless beauty.

Y Lift How Long Does It Last at Khrom Dermatology in Brooklyn NY Area

Y LIFT® and How Long Does It Last?

The incredible results that you received with a Y LIFT® typically lasts one to three years. You can come in for touch-up treatments as needed. The Y LIFT® may last considerably longer than dermal fillers, which could save you time and money.

Many factors influence how long your Y LIFT® lasts, including your metabolism, lifestyle, age, diet, and skin care regime. Feel free to ask any questions you have during your consultation or before your procedure.

What Is a Y LIFT®?

The Y LIFT® involves placing filler at the facial muscle and bone layer, which is much deeper than fillers placed in the soft tissues of your skin. Using a blunt cannula, the doctor positions the required amount of filler in areas with more structure to support it. The result is a natural youthful look that adds volume and lift, referred to as “structural volumizing.”

Why Choose a Y LIFT® Over Surgical Solutions and Fillers?

Here are some of the advantages of choosing a Y LIFT® to improve your appearance and gain the confidence that comes with a youthful look:

  • The doctor can highly customize your treatment plan.
  • We use only FDA-approved fillers.
  • There are no incisions.
  • You remain awake through the procedure.
  • Choose a Y LIFT® for instant results.
  • Very long-lasting effects compared to traditional fillers.
  • You can continue your daily activities immediately after surgery.

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Y LIFT® Procedure around Brooklyn, NY

Contact the team at Khrom Dermatology in Brooklyn, NY, to learn everything you need to know about what a Y LIFT® can do for you. Khrom Dermatology has several options available for Brooklyn residents regarding Y LIFT® and other cosmetic procedures. Call 718-615-4002 to book an appointment.

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