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Introducing Ideal Weight Loss in Brooklyn, NY

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At Khrom Dermatology in Brooklyn, NY, we want to help you look and feel your best in every way. We understand that weight loss is difficult, and keeping it off is even harder – but it doesn’t have to be. That is why we are proud to offer the safe, healthy, and effective Ideal Weight program.

Stop the cycle of yo-yo dieting

We all desire instant results. Alarmingly, many people make themselves ill in the pursuit of unrealistic diet goals. Often, such diets prove impossible to follow, and they fail before goals are reached. Even if the induvial reaches a target weight, he or she is at a loss of how to maintain it. Typically, the person resumes previous eating habits, and gradually regains every pound. Of course, this weigh gain inspires yet another diet, thus perpetuating the yo-yo cycle.

If you’ve been stuck in a destructive cycle of yo-yo dieting, it’s time to stop. First off, stop blaming yourself, and stop feeling like you can’t do it. The fact is, typical diet plans set you up for failure in two ways. All too often, they are unsafe or impractical, and some aren’t even effective. Secondly, the end if and when the pounds come off. There is no guidance, plan, or support for maintaining your weight.

Introducing the Ideal Weight protocol

In reality, weight loss is just the first phase in your path to wellness. Dr. Khrom has designed a program that addresses this reality, helping patients reach and maintain their Ideal Weight in four sensible phases.

Ideal weight is a medically supervised program, based on scientifically proven principles of weight management. It allows you to shed pounds quickly and safely. Most importantly, it teaches you to keep those pounds off for life, without risking your health or depriving yourself.

You will be paired with a Khrom Dermatology weight management coach, who will help you create a healthy and sensible lifestyle. You coach will guide you through the simple four-phase program. It is not just a diet. It is a plan designed to help you achieve your Ideal Weight and maintain it for life.

The program progresses through four phases

  • One: Safely and quickly lose weight to reach your target
  • Two: Introduce your choice of foods to your diet
  • Stabilize your diet by gradually reintroducing healthy carbs
  • Four: Develop lifelong habits to keep your Ideal Weight for life

Call Khrom Dermatology at 1-855-454-7666 to schedule a consultation with a weight management coach today.

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