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What are some effective treatment options for patients in Brooklyn, NY with conditions such as psoriasis?

Men and women in the area of Brooklyn, NY who are faced with a variety of skin concerns are welcome to visit Dr. Tatiana Khrom and her staff at Khrom Dermatology and Aesthetics. Patients who have received a diagnosis of conditions such as psoriasis are welcome to speak to our team about effective treatment options that are available for patients of all ages struggling with this condition.

Psoriasis is a skin disorder that can be a chronic problem for men and women.

What is psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a skin disorder that can be a chronic problem for men and women. This condition is often associated with patients who have a malfunction of the immune system. While many patients think that the condition is only on the skin, it can actually affect the entire body. A type of psoriasis that affects the joints, psoriatic arthritis, can be extremely painful and result in swelling of the joints. It is best that patients understand that there are several types that can be diagnosed before they speak to a professional about the most effective treatment. Types of psoriasis include:

  • Inverse psoriasis
  • Guttate psoriasis
  • Plaque psoriasis
  • Nail psoriasis
  • Erythrodermic psoriasis
  • Pustular psoriasis

The most common psoriasis is plaque psoriasis, which results in patches of white, scaly skin that is thick and uncomfortable. This is due to an overproduction of skin cells, causing these areas of “plaque.”

How is psoriasis diagnosed?

At Khrom Dermatology and Aesthetics, our team starts with an evaluation to determine what condition a patient is experiencing. Psoriasis is often diagnosed with a physical examination. Psoriasis is a very specific type of skin disorder that can be easy to diagnose just by looking at the lesions and skin patches that develop. Once patients have spoken with a professional and have a proper diagnosis, they can then work with their doctor to develop an appropriate, affordable, and effective treatment solution for their skin.

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Treatment of psoriasis

There are many different ways in which psoriasis can be treated. For common types of psoriasis, including “plaque psoriasis,” patients often use topical treatments to address the excess development of skin cells. These topical creams may be used in conjunction with moisturizers and thick creams that can reduce the appearance of psoriasis and improve patient comfort. A solution such as a newer class of biologic injectables may be recommended by our team for the treatment of psoriasis. Another way to target psoriasis is from the inside out with special oral medications that are prescribed. Sometimes, oral medications are used in conjunction with topical medications to treat both directly and indirectly. Often, patients with chronic psoriasis problems may speak to the team of our practice about a safe and typically painless treatment known as light therapy. Light therapy targets the area directly and provides fast and effective results for clearing the skin. At Khrom Dermatology and Aesthetics, we often recommend light therapy for our patients as a starting point, and provide treatments while patients also utilize topical solutions. There is no “one size fits all” treatment, so we work with patients to find the best combination of therapies to target their specific problem. We are well-versed and comfortable in prescribing a variety of treatments for the appropriate patients.

Is psoriasis treatment covered by medical insurance?

Khrom Dermatology and Aesthetics today to learn more about the ways in which conditions such as psoriasis can be treated.

There are many medical insurance plans available to patients in the area, and we encourage individuals who are interested in care to bring their insurance cards to their first appointment. Our front office team can contact the insurance provider and determine what benefits patients have in terms of diagnosis and treatment of conditions such as psoriasis. Many insurance plans will provide some sort of coverage on dermatological skin disorders, which can reduce the cost of treatments for many of our patients.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Tatiana Khrom and her team

Call Khrom Dermatology and Aesthetics today to learn more about the ways in which conditions such as psoriasis can be treated. Our professionals have years of experience in providing services used to achieve healthy, beautiful, youthful skin. Call us at 718-751-0674 to schedule an appointment at one of our two dermatology practices in Brooklyn, NY –  2797 Ocean Parkway and 239 Court Street. We welcome new patients into our facilities for comprehensive medical and aesthetic dermatology solutions for the skin, hair, nails, and body.

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Dr. Tatiana Khrom

Dr. Tatiana Khrom

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Nana Kanzaveli – RPA-C

At Khrom Dermatology & Aesthetics, our esteemed board-certified dermatologists, Dr. Tatiana Khrom alongside the skilled Nana Kanzaveli, RPA-C, unite to deliver unparalleled medical and cosmetic dermatology services. With a wealth of experience, extensive training, and impeccable qualifications, our team of professionals is renowned for an unwavering commitment to excellence in dermatologic care. Dr. Khrom, along with Nana Kanzaveli, RPA-C, pioneer cutting-edge modern dermatology in the vibrant community of Brooklyn, NY, seamlessly combining their advanced expertise with personalized attention to guide all of our patients toward the realization of their unique skincare goals.

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