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Surgical dermatology services and Mohs surgery for
skin cancer offered in Brooklyn, NY

Surgical dermatology at Khrom Dermatology in Brooklyn, NY

The number of people diagnosed in the United States with skin cancer is rising each year. Any skin cancer diagnosis can be scary, but if you need a skin cancer lesion removed surgically, you can rest assured that at Khrom Dermatology & Aesthetics in Brooklyn, NY, Dr. Khrom will provide compassionate, high-quality care. She will walk through every step of your treatment with you so you know what to expect and brings precision and skill to all surgical dermatology services she provides so that there is minimal scarring while effectively removing the cancerous areas.

Surgical dermatology services at Khrom Dermatology & Aesthetics

The appropriate treatment for skin cancer depends on the type of cancer that is found, its size, its location on your body, and whether it has spread.

  • Excision – in this type of surgery, the tumor is cut out, along with a healthy margin of skin around the lesion to ensure that the cancerous cells do not spread
  • Currettage and electrodesiccation – Dr. Khrom scrapes the tumor away from the skin’s surface and then the remaining cancer cells are destroyed with an electric needle
  • Mohs surgery – in this specialized technique, the cancerous tissue is removed layer by layer until no more cancer cells are found; it preserves as much healthy tissue as possible

If you have a suspicious spot on your skin or have been diagnosed with skin cancer, we encourage you to call Khrom Dermatology and Aesthetics at 718-751-0674 to schedule a consultation today.

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