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Skin tightening solutions in Brooklyn NY

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The hands of time are not kind to our skin. Gradually, the smooth, firm, plump skin of youth gives way to unsightly wrinkles, folds, and noticeable lumps of cellulite. Khrom Dermatology in Brooklyn, NY offers nonsurgical solutions for skin tightening and body smoothing.

Nonsurgical skin tightening works by controlled heating of deep tissue. This causes a thermal reaction, shrinking fibers and stimulating natural collagen remodeling. During the procedure, you may feel a strong sensation of warmth, but patients generally do not describe it as painful

Results of skin tightening treatment develop gradually in the days and weeks following treatment, as your body repairs and creates collagen. The full result is usually seen several weeks after the final treatment in a series.

ThermiSmooth Face

This procedure utilizes innovative technology for noninvasive tissue heating. Therapeutic RF (radiofrequency) energy is applied to skin using a handheld device. The built-in temperature monitoring and control keeps you safe and comfortable, while targeted deep tissue layers are heated.

ThermiSmooth Face is appropriate for the neck, mouth, cheeks, eye area, and forehead. A full treatment plan usually includes between three and six sessions, with progressive improvement after each appointment.

The benefits of ThermiSmooth Face include:

  • Comfortable and gentle treatment
  • No downtime
  • Completely noninvasive
  • Reduce laxity, sagging, wrinkles, and more

ThermiSmooth Body

Dermal heating technology with precision temperature control is used stimulate collagen remodeling in deep tissue layers, for lasting results. It is also used for cellulite, which is traditionally one of the most difficult cosmetic concerns to treat. ThermiSmooth Body is a noninvasive procedure, with no subsequent downtime. You may notice improvement after your very first treatment, though a series of four to six applications is usually recommended for optimal results.

ThermiSmooth Body can be used to reduce the appearance of cellulite and increase collagen production on virtually any area of the body, including:

  • Chest and neck
  • Abdominal region
  • Back
  • Arms and legs

Feel comfortable in your own skin and feel confident showing it! Call Khrom Dermatology at 855-507-7282 and schedule a consultation to find out how nonsurgical skin tightening can help you.

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Google Review by Angelina Simakhova
It was my first time visit to Khrom Dermatology, coming here for the first time was like dealing with trusted family. Dr. Natallia Fiadorchanka in my opinion is the most professional and knowledgeable Dermatologist who is also loving and caring human being. Highly recommended!
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