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Breakthrough FDA Approved Winlevi for acne treatment offers renewed hope to Brooklyn NY patients

Dr. Tatiana Khrom is excited to announce a breakthrough addition, the FDA Approved Winlevi for Acne Treatment, to her Brooklyn NY practice. Winlevi is the first acne medication with a new “mechanism of action,” to get the stamp of approval from the FDA in almost four decades; the last such drug, Accutane, is one of the most powerful oral acne medications on the market. A topical cream, Winlevi uses a new active ingredient, 1% clascoterone, to target the androgen receptors that promote sebum (oil) buildup and inflammation. Like birth control pills that moderate acne among women, Winlevi is an “anti-androgen.” In topical form, Winlevi avoids systemic effects and may be prescribed to men as well as women. Winlevi may be combined with other topicals and antibiotics to treat severe acne.

Don’t suffer with the emotional and physical pain of acne any longer. Call 718-751-0674 to schedule a consultation at Khrom Dermatology & Aesthetics. Read the full article here

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